Short articles, Op-Eds, and Reviews

I write essays and reviews about a variety of subjects, including literature, gender, labor, immigration, Russia and Israel.

“Writing Outside the Frame” (Review of The Girl with the Leica by Helena Janeczek)  Lilith Magazine. Spring 2020.

“What Purim in Israel Taught me About Inequality” Lilith Blog. 10 March 2020.

“For Adjunct Professors, the Dream is a Farce” New York Daily News. 19 May 2019.

“What the Netflix Remake of The Israeli ‘Kindergarten Teacher’ Gets Wrong” Alma. December 2018.

“Punishing Women for Speaking Out”.  University of Venus. Inside Higher Ed. 21 February 2018.

“Struggling to Dialogue Over Israel And Palestine? Try Poetry.” Forward Scribe. 22 January 2018.

Review of Vivas to Those Who Have Failed by Martín EspadaThe Journal of Labor and Society (September 2016)

“A Pervasive Gender Bias (Not Just in the Sciences).” University of Venus. Inside Higher Ed. 11 November 2013.

“‘Deep Thinking’: If Not At the University, Then Where?”. University of Venus. Inside Higher Ed. 27 January 2013.


“Coronavirus in New York: Could We Have Been Better Prepared?“. March 2020.

“Lessons from Novy god, the Russian New Year’s Eve.” December 2019.

The Surprising Insights of the New Iran Film “Our Man in Tehran”. August 2018.